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DriveSure Data Infringement

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DriveSure may be a training program that helps car dealerships to build consumer loyalty. It has a lot of customers that subscribe to their training and course material. They offer their brands, addresses, contact numbers and e-mails to the site.


In December 2020, DriveSure suffered a data breach redirected here which triggered 26GB of personal information simply being downloaded and shared on a cracking forum. This kind of included 3. 6 , 000, 000 unique emails, names, cell phone numbers and physical addresses. Vehicle information was also uncovered including makes, models, VIN numbers and odometer blood pressure measurements.

The cyber-terrorist made the DriveSure data available for no cost on multiple hacking community forums, so it was freely available to anyone. The attackers broke up with a 22GB folder which usually contained DriveSure’s MySQL databases, revealing 91 sensitive databases.

PII was as part of the dump, as well as damage demands, extended car details and dealer and warranty details. These were pretty much all prime intended for exploitation by simply other hazard actors.

Above 93, 000 bcrypt hashed passwords were also made public. Even though stronger than SHA1 and MD5, bcrypt passwords can easily still be brute-forced when downloaded from a server, Risk Based Security explained.

Creating a poor security password can allow an attacker of stealing your data from the web server, so is important to transform them as soon as possible. In addition , it’s a good idea to wipe the hard drive on your desktop before disposing of it to stop any data from staying accidentally or maliciously uncovered. You can do this simply using a data devastation course or setting up a fresh installing of the operating-system.

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